Hire an efoil at Héron des raspes

Gorges of the Raspes du Tarn

Efoil hire in the Raspes du Tarn gorges

Test the efoil at Héron des Raspes

Le Héron des Raspes offers you the rental of efoils, an electric stand-up paddle, for a unique experience on the Gorges du Tarn. Indeed, navigating on an efoil provides an incredible sensation of freedom and flying above the waters.

What an efoil is?

The eFoil is an electric surfboard that uses a hydrodynamic foil to lift the board out of the water and reduce drag. This technology allows the board to smoothly glide above the water. The efoil is an environmentally friendly water activity as it does not produce water pollution or noise pollution. Renting an efoil is ideal for those looking for an exhilarating experience. Indeed, surfing on this motorized board gives the impression of flying, especially with speeds of up to 60 km/h.

Why do efoil?

  • Experiential and exhilarating activity that gives the feeling of flying on the water.
  • Simple and ultra-secure water activity, accessible to all, without any prerequisites.
  • Ecological water sport, without noise pollution.

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How to do efoil?

Anyone can do Efoil, this practice does not require any special abilities or experience. Efoil involves standing on the board and maintaining balance. There is no other effort required as the speed is controlled with a remote. Our efoils are Made in France, designed to provide absolute safety to the user. Before starting your efoil session, our team will give you a demonstration on how to use the efoil, provide advice on how to become familiar with it, and enable you to use the efoil autonomously.

Which efoil to choose?

We have chosen to source our 3 efoils from the French brand: PWR-foil
PWR-foil is an efoil manufacturer located in Canet-en-Roussillon, Pyrénées-Orientales, Occitanie, France.
 It is the first brand in the world to have created and designed an efoil. The desire to fly over the water has led PWR-foil's founder, Chris Defrance, to design the first efoils since 2016. Our team was directly trained by the manufacturers to support you as best as possible during your first experiential activity.